Encouraging Entrepreneurship & Business Expansion


We believe in the American spirit and in our great American entrepreneurs. It is our small companies that can make a difference in America’s future. Our hardworking business owners contribute every day to strengthening the economy and re-establishing our country as a world leader.

We know that all giant companies originally started out as just ideas. In the same way empires were constructed stone by stone, it takes baby steps to build a path to success.  All you need is a bit of courage to follow your project and a great deal of passion to achieve your goals.

We are proud of the American hard work, focus and drive for innovation, and have helped tiny companies transform into titans. Our calling: help amazing entrepreneurs spread their wings around the world. Our job is to figure out your financials while you do what you do best-run your business.

Access to capital is crucial, especially in tough economic times. The EDIF has established its lending programs because we know that a little bit of cash can make a big difference. A little push can help you climb a steep slope and get you going through the economic downturn. We have seen companies expand from 80 to 140 employees with only $100,000 added capital.

We love to: see small companies grow, fund ambitious projects and find ways to save you money. We are inspired by dedicated business owners and love to open new doors for them, showing them additional opportunities and putting more capital into their hands.

United We Stand.

The EDIF Team