International Sales Expansion Program (ISEP)


The ISEP was created to help businesses with export financing, export insurance, foreign market advice and contacts overseas. The goal of ISEP is to increase U.S. sales, identify foreign buyers and help companies close deals and ship their products overseas.

Our team partners with you to promote your business products outside the U.S. and link you with relevant contacts. A designated EDIF representative will travel on your behalf, gather information, identify opportunities and conduct due diligence. We will introduce you to qualified foreign buyers and will schedule introductions over conference calls.

 When necessary, our team will also assist you translate your marketing materials and adapt your pitch according to expectations in different countries.

ISEP Advantages:


  • Export financing export insurance
  • Export counseling
  • Direct link with foreign buyers
  • Low cost participation in trade shows
  • Business development assistance
  •  No travel expenses
  • No time spent identifying leads 


ISEP is The Solution for Businesses that:

  • Lack contacts overseas
  • Lack information on foreign markets and export procedures
  • Fear language barriers and culture differences
  • Have no budget for trade shows
  • Have no time to travel and develop business outside the U.S.
  • Fear currency exchange


EDIF’s Export Assistance Capabilities Include: 

  • Promoting your business products outside the U.S.
  • Gathering information on overseas markets
  • Identifying foreign opportunities and qualified buyers
  • Traveling and conducting due diligence on your behalf
  • Presenting your products at trade missions
  • Arranging meetings and conference calls with potential clients
  • Managing your international projects, allowing you to focus on day-to-day operations
  • Providing international insurance options


Overseas Trade Missions and Exhibitions

EDIF maintains an extensive schedule of overseas trade missions and exhibitions worldwide. We group compatible companies and promote their services in markets they wish to enter. Under our umbrella of companies, business owners pay only a fraction of the cost for participating to a trade show. 

  • Trade shows allow companies to showcase their products at leading global exhibitions.
  • Export Sales Missions feature one-on-one appointments with potential business partners overseas.
  • Lower-cost catalog shows are also offered, particularly in selected Asian markets.


International Opportunities for U.S. Businesses

The world is building and rebuilding itself every day, particularly in emerging economies. Global infrastructure spending is estimated to be $2.1 trillion per year for the next ten years. That’s $21 trillion worth of opportunities for American companies and American workers.