Lend a Hand by Partnering with Us, Donating or Volunteering


Partner with Us

If you are looking to put money to work, ask us about funding or co-investing in business projects with us.

If you are looking to partner with us on a state/federal level, you can inquire about EDIF’s Memorandum of Understanding to allow our organization to focus on small business loans in your county/region.



Entrepreneur-to-Entrepreneur Fund

The entrepreneurs’ fund is designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs who understand the value of extraordinary relationships and believe in giving back.

If one person with one dollar can make a difference, think what 350,000 of us can do each and every month. Lend a hand to small business owners and help fund deserving projects. Every dollar donated goes towards supporting entrepreneurs, creating jobs and making a difference in our community.



Tax Incentives

Are you looking to pay less tax by contributing to the community? Ask us about our personal tax evaluations and tax rebate reports.

  • Become an honorable donor of EDIF
  • Earn recognition for helping florida’s economic development
  • Earn a tax deduction every year
  • Earn an annual revenue stream
  • Receive gratitude from local businesses your help supports



We offer our volunteers training in finance, underwriting and marketing. If you are interested in becoming part of our team, ask us about the roles you can play in your free time.



Monthly Projects

Follow and get involved with our monthly projects through our newsletter and calendar. We also welcome any community project ideas you might suggest.