Revolving Loan Fund


EDIF’s Revolving Loan Fund provides business loans to new and existing microentrepreneurs located in 11 counties in South Florida. The Fund manages $250,000 of lending capital through a USDA government program.*

A microentrepreneur is an owner and operator of a business with not more than ten full-time employees.

Loans of $50,000 or less are available to startup and growing microenterprises, including agricultural producers that meet the definition of a microenterprise. Our organization provides funding for businesses or small farmers that may not qualify for traditional loans, as well as for entrepreneurs with creative and innovative ideas.

As part of the program, borrowers can also apply for training and technical assistance to boost their development and ongoing success.


Areas Served: Citrus, Sumter, Hermando, Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee, Indian River, Glades, Hendry, DeSoto and Collier counties.

 *Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program (RMAP)



Additional Lending Programs 


Merchant Advance

Merchant Financing is an alternative to traditional bank loans. EDIF offers a simple application process, minimal credit requirements and immediate access to working capital for your business. Repayment is flexible and based on your company’s credit card volume. Since repayment depends on sales, businesses often have an easier time servicing their obligations than with a business loan.

Equipment Leasing

Some businesses need new expensive equipment to sustain operations. It is important to highlight that leases are not loans. On a cost-of-capital basis, equipment leasing may be the least expensive option.

Equipment leasing offers advantages over other financing methods: lessees’ bank credit lines are not affected, so they can retain their bank borrowing capacity for other needs. Equipment leasing finances 100% of the equipment cost, leaving precious working capital for other needs. In many cases, equipment lease payments can be treated as a fully tax-deductible expense: The equipment leasing process is faster, simpler and often less costly than other equipment financing alternatives.





Second Look Program

EDIF reviews business loans previously rejected by local banks. The idea behind the program is to help provide small business owners with working capital. Being rejected by a traditional lender does not mean that your business project cannot be funded.



Export Loans

EDIF can help you finance 100% of your exports overseas. The organization also offers export insurance and guidance for overseas markets.




Real Estate Financing

EDIF can help you finance over 100% of the value of your property and advance you the capital you need to cover improvements, debt consolidation or cash out for other purchases and needs. EDIF offers fixed and variable rates, for up to 25-year terms.


Acquisition financing is the capital needed for the purpose of buying another business. These funds allow the purchaser to provide the seller capital immediately for the purchase. To learn how EDIF can help you with acquisition financing, contact us at [email protected].